villas on stevens

Our Villas on Stevens road are hidden gems along the Orchard stretch. These lovely homes offer resort style living but amazingly still sit a mere 5 minutes walk from Orchard Road. With extensive spaciousness of 10,000 sq ft land area and 6,000 sq ft built up area, set amidst lush greenery; these houses are a rare find in the land scarce Singapore.

Each unit has a private pool, several individual gardens and roof top patios.
These houses have 4 bedrooms, set away from the main living area. A particular highlight would be that the Master bedroom suite opening straight into the garden.

The pool sits in the middle of the property, making for a wonderful view from the bedrooms and the main living room. Hosting dinner parties or poolside family barbeques, the spaciousness of these homes makes it the ideal setting. In the metropolitan city of Singapore, such properties are few and far between; exclusive homes, unique living.

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